An educational puzzle

Game design | Prototyping | 3d Modelling

The objective of this workshop was to make aproduct using the property of a mobius strip
I designed a puzzle which can aslo be used to educate the property of the mobius strip           

Mobius strip is a one-sided surface with no boundaries. It resembles an infinite loop.

Abs 3d Print

Transparent Acrylic

Metal Bearing Balls


3D Modeled in Rhino

3D printing

Final prototype


  1. There are Six ball bearrings enclosed insed the track of the mobius strip

  2. The Red ‘T” has two openings on either side​ 

  3. The objective is to Put three balls on one side of the box and rest three on the other

Balls inside the box

Six balls on the track

Please reach out to me before sharing the contents of this portfolio.