Perforated clay windows


Student of the Year Nominee


Furniture design | Design Research | Prototyping 

'KAGU' - Furniture in Japanese

Kagu is a dual-purpose folding furniture piece that provides a stylish yet simplistic solution for living spaces to help users enjoy enhanced functionality. The chair features a design achieved with two wooden units that are hinged together at one point in order to allow it to sit securely in both of its two orientations. The unit can thus be used as a chair for sitting or even a small coffee table to accommodate impromptu workstations, entertaining guests and the like.


Kagu has a sturdy design that has a somewhat geometric aesthetic that will fit in well with existing furniture solutions to help make it suited for modern homes with limited space or open-concept layouts.

Chair to Short table
sahil furniture.png




Concepts and Mock-ups


Quick paper mock ups and scale model

Process and Prototyping

Creating a template

Metal tubes to reduce friction


T-Nut and metal ti

The furniture got featured in several websites ,Some are listed below