Graduation Project 

Sponser : Titan Company Ltd   - Work in progress 

Period : 8 months

Product design | Design research | Rapid prototyping | UI Design  

My Graduation Project with Titan Company, was to Design and conceptualize the future of Hybrid watches. By adding new use cases and new functions.

My roles invoved in Design reasearch, Design conceptualisation , Design development and

Co-ordinating with various internal department and external suppliers throughout the process.

The project was designed keeping in mind the current technological and hardware constraints such that the concept could be realised into a working prototype.

A brief overview of the various stages of the design process is explained below

The functionality is not explained due to confidentiality !

however we can discuss it offline

What is an Hybrid watch ?

A hybrid smartwatch is a fusion between a regular mechanical watch and a smartwatch, in that it combines some connected features with traditional watch mechanics. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, doesn’t usually require charging up every day, and doesn’t look like a piece of technology. It looks like a normal watch.

The vast majority of hybrid smartwatches share similar functionality. A hybrid watch will track your steps, while the app works out calorie burn and activity time. The watch will alert you of notifications on your phone with vibrations, and some kind of visual hint about which app is alerting you. This can include working as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera, for music control, or to make your phone ring in case you can’t find it and even pay.



Micromotors are used to mechanically control the hands 



Trend study

Trends in Inventive time-pieces :

Mobile phones and screens around us provide  has nearly eliminated the need for a watch .but we still have a soft spot for stylish and inventive timepieces . The new Aesthetics of these kinds of watches also pt=rovides a new experince in reading time ,often making them much easir to read time compare to the conventional hands on watches.

The watch brands today are exploring new designs , each wwith new form of reading time which spark and sense of joy and curiosity to both the wearer and the admirers

Screenshot 2021-01-18 181519.jpg

Trends in perception of  time :

Conventional clocks can sometimes case a person to feel rushed and stressed out, hence the intent of the example time pieces shown here is to change the experience of reading time , they challenge the perception.

They are inspire to see the passage of time throughout the day. The various examples show a relaxed view of time throughout the day by changing form ,colour, smell and tactile feedback. These designs puts a focus on mental health and wellness as more consumers seek out ways to change this thinking patterns for a healthier everyday lifestyle.



Before the mechanical clocks were invented we can see the time relied on comparison of a certain activity, taking the water clock for example we can see that the level of water was used to tell the amount of time passed, one interesting aspect of this is that time was represented visually ad in a tangible manner. 

The invention of mechanical clocks with hands has lost that characteristic . one can argue about the presence of hands ion todays clocks, but they merely tell time only by their position but don’t indicate the time passed from one point to another.

These time measuring devices became a major inspiration for me to include the characteristics of time blocking and visual representation.


unnamed (1).jpg


The questionnaire should be about what people really want and not what we assume they want.
Therefore a questionnaire was meticulously created to such that we can indirectly try to understand the real needs of the user in relation with a wrist wearable.

The Questionnaire was conducted through one to one conversation which gave the user more comfortability in expressing their deep thoughts as the interviewer would be able to manipulate some questions to derive a more suitable answer for the research.

There was good response from the people as they enjoyed answering these unusual questions as it allowed them to reflect on themselves. This questionnaire was inspired from a toolkit by Presencing Institute

Concept development

Screenshot 2021-01-18 192245.jpg


Untitled_Artwork 11.png
Untitled_Artwork 12.png
Untitled_Artwork 8.png

Prototyping in progress

App interface design

Final Classic render.66.png