An interactive lunchbox for school kids

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Interactive lunch box for personality developments of kids

it weighs the food and translates the data to the kid's pet toy and to a mobile app which keeps track of the kids stats health 

The pet is a virtual self of the child, its health is connected to the kid's, hence the kid has to take care of himself to take care of his pet



School kids age 5-8

Millenial parents

It’s easy for children to learn, especially from about age 5 - 8


believe becoming a good parent is a significant part of their lives

of a childs's brains develops by age 5



To make eating lunch at school more interactive by introducing a sense of play and responsibility to the activity of eating.

Design parts

Lunch box

Pet toy

Mobile app

How it works

The lunch box

The case of the the Lunch box senses the weight of the food using a Force Sensitive Resitor(FSR) and sends the data to the pet and the app , Indicating the amount of food eaten by the child

The case also provides instant feedback using LED lights

Switch to turn on only the case opens

Led lights to indicate the amount of food

FSR to measure the amount of food

The Pet toy

happy edit.jpg
sad edit.jpg

The pet toy would react with human like emotions with its eyes and physical feedback was given with the help of vibrators

Different emotions of the pet

Prototype made with dot matrix screen

The App


The main page showing content of app


Stats of the child’s eating schedule


Meal suggestion for the parent


Ingredients and Method for cooking

The Virtual pet Panda

The app can give daily and weekly ananlysis of the childs lunch and suggest the parents the nutrition diet for their kids, there is also a virtual pet for the kids to play as part of a reward

Reward system on the box


The compartment on the top is locked with an interactive game where the child has to answer a simple question written by the parent, upon answering right the child will be able to open the lid to find himself a treat


The question can be changed everyday from alphabets to mathematical solutions etc, this makes learning fun and rewarding

Mechanism of the lock


Design Research

Schools visited:

Nelson school
Blossom school
St. Xavier’s
Shreyas foundation

UID DP7.jpg

Study of lunch boxes

Ideal Lunch box should have

  • Interactive

  • Bento lock - easy to open

  • Air tight- avoid leakage

  • Various portion sizes

Bento box

Various portion sizes

Air tight


Study of Virtual and Artificial pets

UID DP12_edited.jpg





Design Direction

Based on design research ,the following factors determine the child's interest to eat lunch

Asset 2.png


Virtual pet concept

In order to spread  awarness of endangered species and to sensitize children about them they are given a endanged or threthened animal to raise

The game should create an emotional connection between the character and the kid in order to extend the period of play. 


The Giant Panda

The Siberian Tiger

How does the game work?

Your pet arrives in a basket in the begining,
Tap to find out whats your pet animal,

From here on your pet needs a lot of care , so it can start its life on a good footing 

You must discipline your pet otherwise it might become spoilt!

Congrats your pet has made it to the adulthood, Your pets character might be wildly different depending on the care you gave it

You start with a new character after!