Material exploration with Bamboo

Product design | Material Exploration | Workshop skills

The objective was to explore the capablities of the material, And the combining two materials and their properties

In this case the elastic nature of the bamboo was explored and combined with the plasticity property of metal

bamboo gif.gif


Bamboo is a flexible and has elastic material property

To keep the Bamboo in bent state ,several methods like Heat bend ,using water etc


The slits allow the bamboo to be bent without the need of heat or any method

the metal wires were added to keep the slits from being exerted and avoids breakage


The copper rod inside allows the bamboo to remain in the bent position 

The malleable nature of copper allows to bend the tube in desired position, also because of the conducting nature ,it could be used of various other applications such as power transmission etc


Copper tube


Modules can be joint and extended further